lot of people having great dreams most people do not know how to make their dreams come true. This frustration gets worse by the constant tick of time and the recurring thought that you should be far ahead of where you are.

Just like you, I have once found myself stuck, unclear and trapped in a soul that wanted to do more but a body less believing of her strengths and that is why this cause is extremely close to my heart.

Like Successful people, I know you have the yearning that you were born to be amazing, and trust me, even though you do not feel 100% sure about that right now based on your current circumstances, know that you have 100% power to change your outcome to produce your ideal circumstances.

That's why i will be absolutely excited to have you on the "BREAK FREE" workshop to help you find clarity, create breakthroughs, overcome obstacles and move you in the direction of your dreams using actionable transformational in-depth methodology that would help you achieve your greatest goal, change your life , redirect your prosperity trajectory and help you create a positive impact in the world.


You are Stuck on Your Purpose

You feel stuck and frustrated with life, and despite all the knowledge you have acquired you feel your life is revolving around a point and nothing is really working for you.

You are Multi-Passionate/ Talented

You are an Idea-Popper, Multi-Talented and Multi-Passionate but you do not know which idea or talent to focus on, because you are scared of making the wrong choice

You Have No Business Ideas

You want a business, you know deep down you want to own your own business but you are having a hard time coming up with ideas

Break Free Workshop Would Help You

  • Create the needed powerful transformation you want in your life;
  • Identify your purpose;
  • Gain clarity in your purpose;
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and know how to manage your thoughts;
  • Develop a system that helps you achieve any goal you set for yourself;
  • Design a blueprint for your intended business;
  • Take your existing career to the next level;
  • Start a new career or business;

Ready to Live Your Purpose?

Transform Your Life and Career And Start Living Your Dream Life


If you my story is anything to go by in the last 30+ years, I have gone through series life of stages, almost like a roller coaster: from being unsure about my goals and ambition, to lacking clarity in my purpose, to not knowing what my passion was, to being stuck in a nine to five, to lacking confidence in my abilities, to being afraid to taking chances that would lead me to my goals, to lacking the mental muscles to staying focused ,torn in between which business idea to develop, to starting a business without clarity, to starting a business and failing after two years, to living an unfilled life, to being perpetually unhappy with my situation, to being depressed...

Yes, all of that was me at some point in my life, until I was able to turn around my situations using the exact principles you will get from this programme. I usually tell those who work me me that I have been broken so they never have to be.

Therefore, after hearing numerous frustrations from my clients who struggle with varying degrees of the issues i went through, I just had to do something to help which is why I created this programme, especially because I remember vividly how painful and frustrating it was for me to find my feet without the needed coaching and intervention i required.

I have therefore drawn the most important lessons and costly mistakes made by myself and thousand others who have tried to figure it out by themselves in life and business, and turned them into actionable strategies that would help you develop your blueprint for success.


    "I was confused about how to start up the idea of my business. I was also afraid of what the commencement of the business held. It has helped me look within to break the glass and limiting factor"
    "Differentiating between my vision, passion, and career and knowing which give more priority and how to make others (multi-talent ideas) become another source of generating income. This Programme has me identify my ‘WHY’ i.e the reason why i want to do what am doing, the driving force behind it and also I have been able to identify my limiting beliefs and emotional barriers."
    "This Programme has helped me know more about myself, people, and how to present my product to the society. It has made me belief in myself again"

Frequently Asked Questions

1What Exactly Would I get From the Break Free Programme?
To have me walk you through proven actionable strategies to help you get find your purpose and live the life of your dreams, a full curriculum of my BREAK FREE Programme, dedicated coaching and support that youíll receive during and after the programme.
2You're not sure that the Break Free is right for you?
This programme is you you if you are unhappy and uncomfortable about where you are in life. If you are unsure about my goals and ambition, you lack clarity in you purpose, you do not know what your passion is, if you are stuck in a nine to five, if you feel like you aren't making much progress in life, if you lack confidence in your abilities, if you are afraid to taking chances that would lead you to your goals, if you lack the mental muscles to staying focused, If you don't know how to get out of habits that have kept you stuck, If you are torn in between which business idea and you don't know which to develop, If you want to start a business but you lack clarity, if you want to diversify into other businesses but don't know where to start from, If you are living an unfulfilled life, If you are perpetually unhappy with your situation, Or you are on the verge of depression. Then the BREAK FREE programme is a must for you.
3How much will this cost?
This Programme costs you a total of Sixteen Thousand Naira Only (N16,000.00).
4How Can I Pay?
For your convenience two options have been made available to you for easy payment. 1. Debit Card Payment: Click on the "Enroll Now" button and you will be automatically directed to our payment page on which you will enter your card details for payment. Note that all card payments are securely handled by our third party partner "Paystack" and your details are safe, so you have nothing to worry about 2. Alternatively, Payments can be made to our Account:
Account Name: Hextisuna Company Limited
Account Number: 0117035532
Bank: GTBank
Kindly note that once payment is made, evidence of payment should be send via email to hello@kemiogunkoya.com.
Keep in mind that every day that you put off taking real action to turn your dreams you are depriving yourself and the world of the true magic you carry within. And that's a shame for all of us. As you know, indecision is a dream killer. So, if you're still on the fence about The Break Free Programme, we'd love to know why. If you have concerns or question we haven't answered, send an email to hello@kemiogunkoya.com and we would be on hand to respond as soon as we can.

Ready to Live Your Purpose?

Transform Your Life and Career And Start Living Your Dream Life