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    Bob Knight
    Font Mager
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    Cloe Went
  • The GMP workshop personally transformed me from thinker to doer. Through this training, I can now dream and implement. I think and act unlike before when fears crippled me from taking affirmative actions. The greatest benefits of this training to me was the disruption of unproductive attitudes and elimination of procrastination, while my greatest benefits are life transformative attitudes necessary for winning and excellent living. I recommend this developmental training for all who desires multiple transformations in their careers and personal life. It is a cutting-edge training that blends transcript, video and follow-up calls to delivering life-changing skills and attitudes required for a purposeful professional and personal development in this 21st century.
    Femi Adeleye, Executive Director
    Centre for Societal Values and Ethics
  • My experience was an amazing one. First of all, I was coming off the back of inheriting my late mother’s business laden with debts that we could not pay at the time; not to mention personal goals in my own life which I felt were unreachable. I got on the program and I was amazed at what I learnt about myself and motivated I felt to do more and achieve my goals. The transformation came almost immediately after the completion of the program and It was amazing what influence the program had on me regarding what I had learnt about myself. I started doing things differently and intentionally when it came to my goals. I must say the benefits are long-lasting. My desire to lose weight had been lingering for life and I had always made excuses. But I was able to lose the weight in a year! And have the ongoing goal to keep it off! Which is working. I have benefited immensely and have been able to move my mother’s business forward. An amazing program I would recommend to anyone.
    Josephine Okafor, Executive Director
    Ideal Prep School
  • At the beginning of 2018, I registered for the Goal Mastery Programme. This was the beginning of my journey of being conscious of what I want to do with my life. It is simply a mind-blowing experience and it served as a foundation for quite a number of things I have done afterwards. During this programme,I had a better understanding of my personality, my strength and weaknesses; and how to harness both to my growth. Just this morning I still made reference to personality type because of a phase I am going through. After this program,I started two business lines, this was a major step for me since most times I had the ideas running in my head but I never set out to get them down. GMP changed that for me. Although I stopped one of the businesses and picked up another because GMP also taught me that when you fail, you don't stay down, you rise up and try again. One good thing you can do for yourself at this time is to take this journey with Kemi Ogunkoya, you will never regret it. You will get more value for your money. Life, businesses and jobs will never be the same with COVID 19 and even in the post-COVID 19 era. So many frustrations will happen but you can prevent that if you begin to live a purposeful life. GMP is meant for you, it will be the best 3 weeks of your life that you will never wish to recover from it.
    Sade Popoola
  • “I have attended several trainings, but Kemi's training happens to be one of the best so far in terms of learning. Everything, the atmosphere, trainer, quality of instructions and materials is beyond comprehension, she is amazing at what she does” - Sayo Jimi-Oluseye
  • Kemi is a phenomenal leadership development expert, her method of delivery, depth of knowledge and approach is one of the best I've seen and the truth is that I've attended so many courses both locally and internationally. I travelled all the way to Houston, TX to attend this training and it was truly worth my while. - Bola Adare (NNPC) 
    "This Programme has helped me know more about myself, people, and how to present my product to the society. It has made me belief in myself again"
    "Differentiating between my vision, passion, and career and knowing which give more priority and how to make others (multi-talent ideas) become another source of generating income. This Programme has me identify my ‘WHY’ i.e the reason why i want to do what am doing, the driving force behind it and also I have been able to identify my limiting beliefs and emotional barriers."
    "I was confused about how to start up the idea of my business. I was also afraid of what the commencement of the business held. It has helped me look within to break the glass and limiting factor"
  • Kemi, for bringing out the best in me. You are truly a fantastic, intelligent, and very smart coach, who has a lot to share and give out. You are also very interesting and fun to be with, never a dull moment with you.
    Rekiya Garuba
  • Okiemute Ojelabi
    You have helped me gain clarity of vision. You are passionate about what you do, and you are well equipped to guide people in the right path. I surely would continue to recommend working with you to friends and family.
    Okiemute Ojelabi
    The Yellow Event Company
  • Adaeze Chibuogwum Akaduchieme
    You have helped me simplify my business, breaking it down into details. So it more realistic and my goals are actionable. I have gained clarity on why I am in business and am glad to know my business will make the world a better place. Kemi, you are fun, relatable, and great at simplifying complex terms. You are patient and very attentive. You are also very resourceful and you give the best.
    Adaeze Chibuogwum Akaduchieme
  • Working with Kemi Ogunkoya has been a great blessing for me. Through her coaching programme I have gained more clarity on my ‘WHY’. I have been able to identify my limiting beliefs and emotional barriers and know how to overcome them. Months after, I can confidently say that I am living the life I always dreamed of
    Toluwalase Meduoye

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