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November 12, 2017
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July 3, 2019

3 Proven Ways To Improve Your Productivity

T ruly, the influx of time management practices and acclaimed self-help gurus who promise to improve your productivity level is on the rise. certainly, this is highly understood especially in today’s world where distractions and overwhelm are part of daily living.

Its little wonder more people wish they have more time to get things done, feel more accomplished and ultimately achieve greater success than ever before.

Like I mentioned earlier that being able to do more with available time is something most people crave for, and while they read about time management principles, attend courses and seminars which certainly helps to build awareness. In order to be truly productive and accomplish more important tasks, you must first learn how to starve your distractions, imbibe new habits and exercise great amounts of self-discipline.

I know this because I have also been in the rat hole of thinking 24 hours wasn’t enough, but when I started being more accountable for my time, I realised that I had overcomplicated the whole idea of time management and those complications led to decreasing my productivity.

Just as I have shared with so many individuals that I have worked with in achieving exceptional life-changing results that have led them to higher clarity, productivity, profits and impact, I will share with you three changes that I made that helped me minimize distraction, elevated my productivity levels and ultimately put me in full control of my life.

You will be amazed at how much these simple changes will bring order to your life. Remember the words of Stephen Covey “What is common sense isn’t common practice” truly this is common sense but it will surprise you how much we discard these practices.

Do away with the phones and emails first thing in the morning.

Oh Yes!

This may be a tough one right? especially because we have wrapped our lives around our devices, it was truly hard for me to implement this too, because I always felt the urge to keep a tab on my emails and feed my social media pages. It almost became my morning routine and before I knew it I was almost sacrificing almost 60 minutes of my morning into this, thereby neglecting other soul lifting activities.

What I did was to emotionally disconnect from my phone at night by leaving it far away from my bed, and when I wake up every morning, I delve into my routine of prayer, meditation, reading, get my kids set for the day, exercise, review my to-do then finally settle for the phone.

I can not even express how blessed, happy and focused I am now that I have control over how I spend my mornings. With this level of control, I am able to prioritize, tackle my biggest task and do what is most important and more productive.

Work in Time-Blocks

This has proven to have tremendous impact on my level of productivity, especially in a world where we are constantly distracted by so many things; being pulled in so many directions and so many to-dos, I realize that when I work in block I am consciously aware of the level of discipline I must put to work.

Personally, I work in blocks of 40 minutes, but feel free to choose an arrangement that works for you 20, 30, 40 or 50 minutes and in your work time you are focused on getting your task done without any distractions; No Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the others.

I cannot attest to any other arrangement that has served me better.

Have Work Breaks

The most stressful periods of my life were times I fathomed that the longer I worked the more I got done. I was so wrong! In reality, It happened that the longer I worked the more frustrated and unproductive I was. I was constantly riddled with body ache and stress and because I struggled in my body my mind equally suffered.

I understand the quest of wanting to get more done, especially for budding entrepreneurs, however, to reduce burnout, set out 10-15 minutes after your time blocks to rest, take a walk, listen to music or do something that helps you relax.

These are my three proven tips to staying productive, It would be nice to learn from you too!

In the comment section kindly share ways you stay in control of your day.

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