Here are 7 deadly mistakes you are making and how to avoid them



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My name is Kemi Ogunkoya "The Purpose Driver" and for close to a decade now I have helped people and organisations move from their points of limitations to achieving their desired dreams and results. As a management consultant and personal development expert, I have led numerous people to achieve things that they thought was not possible to them.
Having worked with hundreds of individuals and over 80 organisations, Numerous people have started successful businesses, scaled their business boosted their confidence, found new careers, accelerated their finances, enrolled in further studies, improved their relationships, found their purpose, improved their health and acquired more assets while living highly impactful lives.
Most people underestimate the possibility of what is possible to them and the full depth of their capabilities and go on to live way below their capacity. .
In this guidebook, I share the 7 deadly mistakes you are making that is costing you your best possible life even in a country like Nigeria.

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