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December 1, 2021
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March 13, 2022

The Place of Trust In Effective Leadership

Who do we mean when we say “my leader”? The link between trust and important people metrics sometimes depends on how far up the corporate ladder the leader is. People who felt the organization supported them were more likely to trust their company’s C-suite leaders. Yet it seems there was no relationship between direct supervisor trust and support from the organization. Executives can show the company’s support by communicating the impact of organizational changes on the employee’s day-to-day work and sharing how the company will help employees adapt.

Leaders who provide structure and are considerate to each employee tended to be trusted more than leaders who did not – these behaviours are linked to transformational leadership, a style of leadership that is more hands-on and considerate than laissez-faire leadership, among others. Not surprisingly, employees who felt their leaders treated them fairly, followed fair processes, and involved them in decisions trusted their leaders more. So a more transformational leadership approach could be helpful if your organizational change involves redesigning processes.

For more on Trust and Effective leadership, I had a great time with Roxanne Derhorge sharing my thoughts on Trust and Effective Leadership and talking about her soon to be released book ROR – Return on Relationships, absolutely great conversation. Catch the full episode at https://roxannederhodge.com/trust-leadership-with-kemi-ogunkoya/

Authentic Touch Points:

  • Kemi’s path to leadership coaching.  2:00
  • Possible blocks in effective leadership.  4:00
  • The dancefloor and the balcony.  7:00
  • Competence vs trust.  12:30
  • Is trust essential?  18:00
  • Post-COVID leadership support.  21:30
  • Leaders need compassion now too.  25:30

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